Jul 19th, 2024
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Information For NYC Renters

Q. What will I be asked to provide?
For the average rental apartment in Manhattan, you will be asked to provide:
 A letter of employment or an acceptance letter for a new job
 A copy of a recent paycheck stub
 A copy of your most recent tax return
 A copy of a recent bank statement
 A copy of a valid photo ID (driver's license or employment ID)
 A landlord reference letter (when applicable)
 Guarantor information (when applicable).

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Guarantor's Application

Q. What are the income requirements to rent an apartment?
A. To rent an apartment in New York, most landlords require that you earn a minimum of forty times the rent and have at least one year on your current job. If you do not earn forty times the rent, often landlords will require a guarantor. A guarantor is an individual who is willing to co-sign your lease. Guarantor requirements vary from owner to owner, however, typically most owners prefer a guarantor within the tri-state area, earning in excess of seventy times the rent.
Q. What is the average financing necessary to rent a typical apartment?
A.  One month rent
 Security deposit (typically, the equivalent of one month rent)
 $60.00 per applicant for credit check
 Broker's fee: Please note that we have many, many "no fee" apartments and many, many exclusives where the customary broker's fee of 15% of annual rent does not apply.
Q. What are the typical lease periods for an apartment?
A. On the average, most rental leases are either a one or two year lease.
Q. Are pets allowed?
A. Although some owners will accept cats and dogs, most do not (if you have a pet, please disclose this to your real estate agent).
Q. How do I secure an apartment once I decide I want it?
A. You will need to give your rental agent a deposit and provide us with the requirements listed above.
If you have more questions, please send an e-mail to mainmail@princenycapartments.com

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